Customer acquisition is a critical factor in a company’s growth, and requires even more forethought and strategic action during an economic downturn. Tight marketing budgets and managing costs are the game plan when sales are slow. Even under such trying circumstances, direct mail can play a huge role in getting and retaining customers.Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring in new customers. According to a DMA study conducted last year, direct mail averages $10 in sales for every $1 invested. Another study by Pitney Bowes found that Direct Mail generated a higher percentage of Internet sales than Internet advertising, TV and radio.

The best way to guarantee the success of your direct mail campaign is to measure the resulting increases in sales and profits. Campaign success is measured as ROI, or return-on-investment.  Other standard measurements such as cost-per-piece or cost-per-lead are helpful but will not provide the “big picture” view that ROI analysis will. The most accurate ROI calculation takes into account a customer’s lifetime value, or the amount of sales generated by that customer over time.

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