What’s Next: After Social Media

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Seth Priebatsch, the CEO and Chief Ninja of the mobile geolocation game company SCVNGR, pronounced scavenger, wants to build a game layer on top of the world. Listening to him speak at the recent TEDxBoston conference makes you realize that the game layer is actually already under construction and you have played it, at least to some extent already. Just not the way you think.

“While the last decade was the decade of social … where the framework in which we connect with other people was built…  This next decade will be the decade where the game framework is built. Where the motivations that we use to influence behavior … is decided upon.”

The current game schema isn’t that much fun according to Priebatsch. It is cluttered with credit card schemes and loyalty cards that use game dynamics. They aren’t fun and are poorly designed.

“The social layer is all about connections; the game layer is all about influence. It’s not about adding a social fabric to the web [like Facebook] … it’s about using dynamics, using forces, to influence behavior of where you are and what you do there and how you do it.” It will affect our lives more deeply and perhaps more invisibly than the social layer. Priebatsch feels it’s incredibly critical that we consciously think about this the new layer and build it in a way that is open, that is available and can be leveraged for good.

Priebatsch reviewed four important and interesting game dynamics that be leveraged to influence behavior.

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