Deborah Corn

I am the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr, an industry speaker and blogger, and a contract Print Production and Integrated Project Manager at PrintProQuo providing 25 years of experience in print production and advertising agency management. I am the founder and cultivator of the Print Production Professionals Group on LinkedIn, and host of the weekly #printchat on Twitter. I  also works behind the scenes with printers, suppliers and industry organizations helping with their cross media marketing and social media endeavors. That is the label. Inside the can you will find a Multi-Channel Marketing, Social Media using, pro-Print Lobbyist with a networking "addiction" and propensity to use humor in most situations, especially the awkward kind.

1/1 With Thaddeus Kubis – Author, Guide To Integrated Marketing And Media Convergence

Thaddeus Kubris is a fellow blogger on Printing Impressions, and an active member of my LinkedIn Group Print Production Professionals. Thad is extremely passionate about the evolution of communications, and recently authored a book to help Printers adapt and profit in the integrated media world. I am still in the process of reading my copy, but […]

DAM Equals Dollars For Print

If you follow PMC or my posts with any regularity, you already know my strong belief that “Those who hold the assets, hold the Power!”  When it comes to adding revenue generating services, the easiest place to start is looking at what you have, and if you are a Printer one thing you have in […]

A Dr. Suess Inspired Guide to Twitter from @Hootsuite

Some things are just genius and speak for themselves!  Happy belated 110th birthday Dr. Suess!!    original post here: Related posts: Twitter MOOD MAP Could Guide Editorial & Brand Management Infographic: Facebook vs Twitter By The Numbers Finch Paper launches new website with mobile stock guide A Guide to Preparing Files for Print

#PRIMIR 2014 Summer Meeting To Reveal ‘Vision’ Of Evolving Printing Industry

This looks cool… if anyone is going PLEASE let me know!! Program Theme Explores “Print’s Evolution—Changing Markets, Firms, Technologies and Applications”         Reston, VA—PRIMIR, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, the research arm of NPES, announced its Summer Meeting to be held July 21-23, 2014 at the DoubleTree Downtown-Lakeside Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. […]

[infographic] The Five Most Dangerous Creative Productivity Myths – BUSTED!

Our friends at AtTask have produced a series of cool infographics I’ll be sharing here and there. I started with this one because it’s something I am currently being challenged with – TIME MANAGEMENT! #4 in particular strikes a chord. I have to admit then when I worked in Ad Agencies project management tools and […]

Go Global: Tips And Tools For Streamlining International Shipping

by Marc Zazeela Every day, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Businesses are going global. The Internet has spawned a brave new world of business opportunities. Why then, the anxiety about shipping internationally? Many companies find that international orders account for 30% of their total business. Surely, it must be difficult to serve an […]

ISA’s Brandon Hensley On The 2014 Expo, The Future Of Signage, And Mugshots!

Signs are one of those things so engrained in the world that most people don’t stop to think about how they are concepted, created, and installed, let alone there is a pretty significant industry devoted to signage consistently developing education, tools and technologies. I’ve been involved in a few signage projects and let me say […]

Special Effects And Finishing Techniques Webinar Replay Now Live!

Daniel Dejan takes us through The Standard #5 from Sappi – an educational refer­ence piece that combines the technical with the creative, and shows how printing can be dimensional, tactile and sometimes interac­tive. The techniques shown here may look like magic, but many are easy for designers to prepare and can be done inline on a […]

The Future Of Print Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

I have written a few posts to date regarding my experience at Dscoop and saved this one for the finale since it will recap something incredibly unbelievable, awesomely inspirational and yes, even controversial that has become my big A-HA Moment take-away from the conference. Let’s start here. Dscoop9 was filled with advocacy, education and tools […]

GPA Shows Us How A Little Heat Can Be Cool At #Dscoop9 [video]

One of the best things about Dscoop 9 was being able to literally see how the HP the partners fit together, because many of them were in the same room! Such was the case with GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions –  a good friend of PMC and really fun Paper People! GPA has many of the […]

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