Interpublic Launches Unit Focused on Lowering Print Costs

0All the times I have been in-between Agencies and Freelance jobs, I have day-dreamed about becoming a Gun For Hire Print Production Auditor – I know, kinda print geeky and not as many travel perks as an astronaut, which was second on my day-dream job list. My plan was I to go into a company […]

Will Verizon’s New Data Pricing Be The Real QR Killer?

0Beware of the new threat in town… MOBILE DATA PLANS!  In the new pricing structure, a consumer can choose to pay MORE for a super-sized data plan and life goes on for them as normal.  If they choose a tiered option, then they pay for the amount of data they will access –  like choosing […]

Direct Marketing Gets Eco-Friendly

0In the wake of Toshiba’s failed attempt for a National No-Print Day, I am going to be more proactive and help get Print & Paper’s greener messages out there for you to share as you wish… and please, do share them. We live in a bubble of our own industry and the perception of the […]

Your Touchscreen Can “Read” This Ink

0Another technology to bridge print to digital. This one relies on Printers to embed an “invisible electronic code” during the printing process. So many new techs emerging now claiming to replace QR codes, but the market (or the consumers) are going to have to drive what ultimately wins out. I can’t imagine seeing an ad […]

NFC Technology is the New QR Code

0 When the NFC buzz started a few years back, I was all excited since like many I was having bad experiences with QR codes and was hoping something “better” would come along.  When this tech did, it was limited in use for mobile payments, but some very smart marketing people jumped on it and saw […]

The Last Infographic You’ll Ever Need: PRINT IS BIG

0 via PRINT IS BIG. Download and PRINT posters of the infographic under “Resources” here: Printing plays a significant role in the U.S. and Worldwide economies. Despite the myths you may have heard, print is big, print is green and print is here to stay. This is a collection of facts and statistics about the U.S. and […]

Lexus Brings FIRST NFC-Enabled Print Ad to Wired Magazine

0Setting aside everyone doesn’t have an NFC-enabled smart phone, this is still cool and a nice introduction to the technology via PRINT of course. I totally don’t get how there is a chip in the ad (since when NFC first was stirring around magazines/newspapers were on the no-NFC list) but YAY that they are back […]

What’s Causing Rising Paper Prices?

0via: Millcraft Paper Company: What’s Causing Rising Paper Prices?. If you are at all related to the commercial print industry, most likely you’ve seen the recent rise in paper prices. And if you’re like many out there, you’re not sure what’s behind the increase. We asked our resident expert and president of Millcraft Paper, Travis Mlakar, […]

Trending: Metallic

0Who doesnt love metallic ink and foil stamping? Below are a few cool examples The Dieline posted. And as if it were destiny, we are also passing along a 30% savings on the “Designed” to Shine” Guide from ITW Foils. When I saw it a few weeks agoI was so excited that metallics might be […]

Playing pop music via Paper Posters with Conductive Ink

0PAPER APPS!!! I like that terminology. It’s also interesting to note one of the selling points the creators are using is the “low cost of printing.”  Im assuming this is related if not the same thing to printed electronics/printed circuits and not some new invention, but LOVE the adaptation into the consumer realm and the […]

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