New “Designed To Shine” Guide Spotlights Advantages of Printers and Converters Providing Metallic Effects

0 “Designed to Shine” is available for $39.99 through the ITW Foils web site – HOWEVER!!!!!  We got in touch with Christine Takacs and ITW Foils is providing a 30% DISCOUNT TO THE PMC COMMUNITY!!!  To get the guide for only $26.66 click here This is the press release…  NEWBURYPORT, MA – ITW Foils, a global […]

Print Producers Stressing You Out? Here Is A Good Reason Why…

0 If you work in Advertising or have Advertising Agencies as clients, you have probably seen and dealt with your fair share of “stressed out” maniacs. It really wasn’t a surprise to me that Advertising Account Executives made the top ten most stressful jobs list on the infographic below, and it’s definitely poignant stress level […]


0These are just a few examples of QR CODE FAILS that a bunch of people submitted to tumblr described as: Celebrating the ridiculousness that is QR codes. WTF QR CODES is curated by @brad_frost and @cvilly. Some of the commentary is pretty funny, and you can see that and the entire QR FAIL collection here: WTF QR CODES. Personally, Im at loss other than […]

The Paper Merchant’s Brain is Yours for the Picking

0I was invited to give a presentation at the Paper Distribution Council’s Annual Meeting back in January of this year. The PDC is part of the NPTA (National Paper Trade Association) which is the distribution arm of the paper industry, and known more commonly as Paper Merchants.  It is through Merchants that Printers buy the […]

Postology Report: There Will Be a Postage Incentive Promotion This Summer

0 If you plan on incorporating or submitting materials with QR codes during this promotion, take HEED – the USPS is now QR Big Brother, and I for one am thrilled!  The news is in – the USPS has announced a summer postage incentive program: via Postology Report – February 2012 – Postology Hot Topics: There Will […]

Can Personalized Ads Save Magazines?

0Those who HAVE the data,  know how to MANAGE and can use it CREATIVELY… will win!!!  by Lucia Moses Some Popular Mechanics subscribers got something extra with their November issues. The issue was bundled with an outsert from Hewlett-Packard that greeted them by name and showed a scene specific to their hometown. Inside the issue was a […]

Yes Virginia, Print Producers Care About Price. But We Are Not The Enemy.

0I have seen several posts lately on the topic of  “Print Buyers only care about price” that have gotten under my skin. I just don’t understand any of it or why we are being portrayed as the enemy. First and foremost, as a Print Producer my main concern is getting my job completed on time, […]

New Flexible Screen Technology For Displays

0The video and concept Tablet are aimed at consumers, but this product also has amazing potential for in-store displays!  The second video shows the screen applied to tangible materials and Im not sure since it’s a concept if they can be made any larger, but if they could – imagine the Trade Show Booth of the […]

USPS To Slow Delivery of First-Class Mail

0“Currently, first-class mail is supposed to be delivered to homes and businesses within the continental U.S. in one day to three days. That will lengthen to two days to three days, meaning mailers no longer could expect next-day delivery in surrounding communities. Periodicals could take between two days and nine days.” By HOPE YEN, Associated […]

PMC’s Vendor Spotlight: 1/1 Interview with Peter Lancaster, COO/Co-Founder of Documobi

0  Documobi came into my life during GRAPH EXPO. Nigel Cliffe (the CEO of PMC) was going on about this new technology for print and insisting I look at it – which for a Brit was pretty dramatic. The problem was, we couldn’t get near the booth. Apparently there was something to see, and the […]

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