The Key To Personalization Marketing Is Knowing Your Goals

0Bringing Personalization Into Your Campaigns by Randy Hardy You’ve listened to the experts and realize how important personalization is to your marketing campaigns. You have the technology, and know that with relatively simple data you can add personalization to your campaign. Before you start to use personalization, you need to put some thought into how personalization […]

Mohawk Partners With Print Media Centr For 2014!

1It’s no secret I love paper, it’s no secret I love the paper people, and it’s no secret I specifically love the paper people over at Mohawk! We met a few years back at Graph Expo after “meeting” through social media, and since then we have carried on a lovely relationship that has spanned from […]

HP Powers Up Publishing!

1I started sharing a link to HP’s new publishing focused site the other day because I LOVE when companies get aboard the “let’s find new ways to help you grow your biz, and keep the presses pumping” train. This is the first time I had come across a focus specifically for publishers, who have been […]

[Infographic] Latest Graphic Design Facts and Trends for 2014

0The good people at iStock asked leading designers around the world for their top trends in 2014. Since we’re almos one month into this dance, I thought this infographic would be a fun refresher for the community. Several o f these trends are especially relevant in the printing industry, although I’m not sure about the […]

#PrintBig: Printerview With Washington Graphics

3Your resident Print Geek has some very special people to introduce to you today. I met the wonderful Washington Graphics team at #PrintChat, the inkiest Twitter chat in social media land (shameless plug: join us on Wednesdays at 1pm Best Coast Time, 4pm East Coast). Their CEO Bob Morgan and Marketing VP Kate Gansneder impressed […]

Printed from the Heart: Why I gave my mom a canvas print for Christmas

0 Every year my mother and I have the same conversation around Thanksgiving. Our annual ritual goes a little something like this: Me: So, what do you want for Christmas? Mom: I don’t know…(pause) Mom: An Amazon gift card? Me: Are you sure? That’s what I gave you last year. Mom: That’s true. I don’t […]

Q&A With Frank Tueckmantel VP, Corporate Marketing at EFI

0Brian Rothschild, my friend and fellow print enthusiast, could easily be described as inquisitive. In this case, I was able to help put that trait to use for the greater good with the assistance of Jenna Kempie! The result is an interesting Q&A with Frank Tueckmantel from EFI, and definitely touches upon areas beyond my […]

Print& Webinar Replay And Cited Marketing Data Now Available

0Many thanks again to Daniel Dejan and Sappi etc for sharing this information with us!  Download PDF’s of the marketing info/data: Print& AR Guide   Print& Resources Part 1   Print& Resources Part2   Print& Articles Join our Webinar mailing list and be among the first to hear about our upcoming Webinars and get the goodies before they run […]

When The World’s Largest Camera Meets #HP Latex Technology

0As a Print BUYERologistTM I spend a good amount of time speaking and writing about the importance of relationships between buyers and service providers. This project just may be the pinnacle example of that relationship, and it goes one further.   As explained in the video, the photographer and inventor of the camera Dennis Manarchy called […]

Die Cut Business Cards as Creative Problem Solving

4Everyone needs a business card that truly represents his or her personality. I got company cards for work, but to me these are an expression of the firm’s brand identity, not mine as an individual. For fun and practice, I decided to design cards for my personal brand as a creative professional. I wrote up […]

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