1/1 Interview With Francis Atterbury, Bookmaking Pioneer And Craftsman At Artisan Books

0There are a few print companies out there who become the default “name” used as the example when discussing a specific print product, and Artisan Books is one of them. After a brief exchange with Francis Atterbury, I understand why. Who wouldn’t default to the man who states, “there will always be a market for […]

1/1 Interview With Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic At FoldFactory.com

0Trish Witkowski is one of those people who can command a room, or a video frame, simply by stepping into it. She is authentic, informative, and always printspirational! Her legendary Fold of The Week videos have given her well-deserved print industry celebrity status, and she is the only person I know that could make a barrel […]

1/1 Interview With Don Carli On Printed Electronics And The Future Of Packaging And Design

0The print industry is filled with characters, and Don Carli is certainly one of them!  I met him several years ago at GRAPH EXPO and we ended up talking for a while about sustainability. I would estimate that he said something that either blew my mind or freaked me out several times during our initial conversation, and […]

JWT Brazil Shares Some Secrets Behind The BBQ Bible

0Recently I shared a story about the BBQ Bible created by JWT Brazil. I did a little digging and reached out to the Creative department in San Paulo with a few questions – and shortly after received a reply from Maria Eugenia Humberg, Communication & Marketing Director. I did ask if we would be able to get […]

Emerald Packaging Partners Up For Digital Print, Prepress And Profits

0Last week a Press Release came through my inbox from HP announcing “Emerald Packaging, Inc. had signed a launch agreement for the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, enabling the company to enter new markets and offer its customers the advantages of digital printing.” Ok, cool, nice for them… but not something I would normally write […]

1/1 With Thaddeus Kubis – Author, Guide To Integrated Marketing And Media Convergence

0Thaddeus Kubris is a fellow blogger on Printing Impressions, and an active member of my LinkedIn Group Print Production Professionals. Thad is extremely passionate about the evolution of communications, and recently authored a book to help Printers adapt and profit in the integrated media world. I am still in the process of reading my copy, but […]


0 INTERNATIONAL PRINT DAY VIRTUAL CONFERENCE WEBSITE AND REGISTRATION NOW LIVE!   Community-created, 24-hour celebration built by and for the global print community will be accessible to the entire world! Representatives from International Print Inc. in the U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia announce the launch of the new website and opening of registration for International […]

Meet Jim Raffel, CEO Of ColorMetrix And Renaissance Road Warrior!

1As promised in my LinkedIn group, this year I am going to share a lot of information from, and about our community through PrintMediaCentr. There is no better way to kick this off than to introduce you all to Jim Raffel.  I met Jim in person at SGIA Expo 11, (here is video proof) and […]

#PrintBig: Printerview With Washington Graphics

3Your resident Print Geek has some very special people to introduce to you today. I met the wonderful Washington Graphics team at #PrintChat, the inkiest Twitter chat in social media land (shameless plug: join us on Wednesdays at 1pm Best Coast Time, 4pm East Coast). Their CEO Bob Morgan and Marketing VP Kate Gansneder impressed […]

The CMKY Manifesto: Re-Think Print in 2014

2I am declaring the following topics OVER and DONE WITH in 2014! Anything claiming or alluding to print being dead, dying, or in need of a health plan. Who thinks print is dead? LOOK AROUND! Go into a grocery store. Music didn’t die when they stopped producing 8-tracks, albums, and cassettes; only the delivery device has evolved. […]

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