Going Guerrilla Against Google’s #Paperless2013 Campaign

  When I first read about Google’s “Go Paperless in 2013″ campaign I have to admit it didn’t bother me. It isn’t an anti-print industry stance or a direct attack on the paper industry. It’s a marketing campaign to promote the use of the cloud, and purchase cloud and other e-services from their partners – […]

Increase Business with the Cloud

Part of being a proactive business owner is identifying business goals and determining how to meet those goals in a cost-effective manner using available tools. Some of the most accessible business-growth and improvement tools today are web-based applications that reside in “the cloud” — commonly called “cloud computing.” Wikipedia defines “cloud computing” as, “Internet-based computing, […]

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors

Cloud computing certainly has become cool. Some might say it’s on the verge of being “Fonzie cool.” So cool in fact, that nearly everyone is getting in on the game out of fear of being left behind. As we storm into 2010, vendors are either paddling out to catch the wave or risking being sucked […]

Recommended Listening: 10 Cloud Computing Podcasts

Looking for some cloud-related listening? An aural explanation of the hypervisor? Analysis of cloud news? Interviews with industry experts? There are actually a number of podcasts devoted to the subject of cloud computing. This website gathered a list for you , along with a few individual episodes from other technology podcasts that address cloud and […]

Assess Security of Cloud Computing Apps

New research finds that while cloud computing services are being widely adopted, more than 50 percent of IT professionals surveyed say their organization isn’t aware of all the cloud services employees are using — and few were evaluated for security before use. The rapid-fire adoption of cloud computing might offer real advantages for small and […]

SaaS: As the Cloud Shapes B2B, B2B Shapes the Cloud

As more services, applications, and data are developed for — and delivered via — cloud models, how do business-to-business (B2B) commerce and procurement adapt? Or, perhaps we have the cart in front of the horse. Are the new requirements and expectations of modern, global business processes, in fact, driving the demand for IT solutions that […]