Who is Really Behind #Paperless2013

0It seems as though the Go Paperless in 2013 campaign has backed down from some of its environmental messaging. I am going to share some visible changes to this campaign, and introduce some facts that may have been overlooked or missed very early on. I will leave it up to you to draw your own […]

Why is the Print Industry Whining About #Paperless2013

0  Doesn’t the print industry have better things to do than shake its fist at Google and their Go Paperless in 2013 campaign? So many already think Print is out of touch with the “new world,” so why add fuel to that fire? And the organizations that are speaking out, well they just have their […]

Go Green, Go Paperless, Isnt Just About Google

0Make no mistake, the vested financial interest in “Go Green, Go Paperless” claims far outweigh any self-proclaimed eco-friendliness. Whether it is to sell digital/cloud products and services, or have you switch to electronic statements to save on printing and postage, dollars are the only green thing here. Paperless is not the issue. Digital and cloud […]

1/1 Interview with Phil Riebel President of Two-Sides US, and Greenwashing Dragon Slayer

0I met Phil in January of 2012 at the NPTA Executive Meeting where I was an invited speaker, and we have been working together since.  PrintMediaCentr is an Allied Organization of Two-Sides US, and proud to be associated with all of their endeavors. DC:  What is Two Sides and how did it come about. PR: […]

Going Guerrilla Against Google’s #Paperless2013 Campaign

0  When I first read about Google’s “Go Paperless in 2013″ campaign I have to admit it didn’t bother me. It isn’t an anti-print industry stance or a direct attack on the paper industry. It’s a marketing campaign to promote the use of the cloud, and purchase cloud and other e-services from their partners – […]

Why Stopping Toshiba’s National No Print Day Worked, and Why it Shouldn’t Have

0 10 days after the announcement of National No Print Day, Toshiba pulled the plug and victory celebrations broke out through The Printerverse. Victory is a strong word. It implies a winner and a loser, but there is some grey area here too. Ok, in the movie version yes Toshiba is the villain and Print […]

Calling all Print-Archists: Take a REAL STAND Against Toshiba’s No-Print Day!

0 UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE AS OF 6/20/2012 TOSHIBA HAS PULLED THIS CAMPAIGN – PARTLY BECAUSE OF POSTS LIKE THIS AND READERS LIKE YOU! Feel free to read it of course and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF PAPER & PRINT! Toshiba’s self declared “National No-Print Day” is a marketing scam. It’s an environmental bait and switch […]

Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry

0Inkjet printers, a low-cost technology that in recent decades has revolutionized home and small office printing, may soon offer similar benefits for the future of solar energy. Engineers at Oregon State University have discovered a way for the first time to create successful “CIGS” solar devices with inkjet printing, in work that reduces raw material […]

Infographic: Spam Has The Carbon Footprint of Estonia

2Spam takes electricity to produce and send, and electricity usually entails lots and lots of coal. Add this to the list of reasons spam is the World’s Most Annoying Modern Invention: It destroys the Earth. According to a new infographic by Antonio Lupetti for Woork Up, spam spews more than 20 million tons of CO2 […]

Print & Paper comprises only 1.1% of the Worlds Greenhouse Gas Emissions

0 With so much publicity concerning the environmental impact of print and paper it is surprising how small a part the industry plays in worldwide emissions. Whilst responsible production and consumption should be the way forward for all those in the Graphic Communications Value Chain, we should be aware that our industry is low down […]