#Paperless2013 Fires The TWEET Heard Round The Print World

3Go Paperless in 2013 takes its eye off “Paperwork” and turns its focus on Catalogs Remember in the Lord Of The Rings movies when the EYE was looking around for Frodo and would fix it’s gaze is one direction until something else distracted it? Well that seems to have happened over the weekend with the […]

Who is Really Behind #Paperless2013

0It seems as though the Go Paperless in 2013 campaign has backed down from some of its environmental messaging. I am going to share some visible changes to this campaign, and introduce some facts that may have been overlooked or missed very early on. I will leave it up to you to draw your own […]

Why is the Print Industry Whining About #Paperless2013

0  Doesn’t the print industry have better things to do than shake its fist at Google and their Go Paperless in 2013 campaign? So many already think Print is out of touch with the “new world,” so why add fuel to that fire? And the organizations that are speaking out, well they just have their […]

Go Green, Go Paperless, Isnt Just About Google

0Make no mistake, the vested financial interest in “Go Green, Go Paperless” claims far outweigh any self-proclaimed eco-friendliness. Whether it is to sell digital/cloud products and services, or have you switch to electronic statements to save on printing and postage, dollars are the only green thing here. Paperless is not the issue. Digital and cloud […]

1/1 Interview with Phil Riebel President of Two-Sides US, and Greenwashing Dragon Slayer

0I met Phil in January of 2012 at the NPTA Executive Meeting where I was an invited speaker, and we have been working together since.  PrintMediaCentr is an Allied Organization of Two-Sides US, and proud to be associated with all of their endeavors. DC:  What is Two Sides and how did it come about. PR: […]