Who is Really Behind #Paperless2013

It seems as though the Go Paperless in 2013 campaign has backed down from some of its environmental messaging. I am going to share some visible changes to this campaign, and introduce some facts that may have been overlooked or missed very early on. I will leave it up to you to draw your own […]

Why is the Print Industry Whining About #Paperless2013

  Doesn’t the print industry have better things to do than shake its fist at Google and their Go Paperless in 2013 campaign? So many already think Print is out of touch with the “new world,” so why add fuel to that fire? And the organizations that are speaking out, well they just have their […]

NPTA Alliance Announces 2012 Board of Directors

Thanks to Millcraft Paper for posting this in their newsletter (which I love as a Paper Person!). I was invited to speak at the Paper Distribution Council’s Annual Meeting in January and was fortunate enough to meet some of these Paper Peeps who play a major role in our ability to do our jobs – […]

Two Sides Launches U.S. Website

Factual Information from Respected Sources Dispels Myths about the Sustainability of Print and Paper Two Sides, the fast-growing non-profit organization established to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper, today launched its U.S. website, www.twosides.us. The site, filled with facts from well-known, credible sources, provides an easily accessible resource for anyone […]

Reinvented Disposable Coffee Cup Eliminates Plastic Lids

Interesting concept! Good for Paper, Print, and the environment! Called Compleat, the all-paper design has a built-in lid with sipping spout. by Belinda Lanks I buy many cups of coffee and habitually cringe when reaching for a plastic lid. It’s pretty hypocritical to make a point of avoiding Styrofoam, only to slap a petroleum disc […]

Paper Wine Bottles Are Here!

via Paper Wine Bottle from GreenBottle. First we changed to screw caps and plastic corks.  Snobs objected vehemently over both options because of the “quality” factor.  Turns out that tradition doesn’t trump taste as many of these wines were picked by those same snobs in blind taste tests. Next came boxed wine which was again launched […]

The Recycled Paper Water Container

Designer Andrea Ponti has created an interesting concept for the Milan Expo 2015. The Life is a water container, designed to be used for one day and then recycled again. Each one is made from natural cotton with a layer of recycled paper, free from toxic chemical ink and adhesives that can’t be recycled. It […]

MINI’s Recycled Billboards

This inventive billboard campaign called “Minimalism” was created by advertising agency DraftFCB for MINI in Switzerland. Using discarded posters from other brand’s campaigns, they used a stencil to cut out shapes to make up the simplistic MINI car design and the lettering ‘BE MINI.’ They also stripped away the layers of past posters underneath to […]

It’s a BAG, a BOOKMARK, & a CALENDAR! See the “Never Wasted” from LEE

“With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, Lee wanted an innovative solution that would display their affiliation towards the same and also spread the message amongst their customers. To drive the message home in a fun and effective way, we went for something a bit more inventive than just a bag made of […]

Q&A: Fiber Testing, Paper, and the Lacey Act

Answers to frequently asked questions about fiber testing, a technology that can help find potentially illegal wood in the paper supply chain. In November 2010, WRI posted “Risk Free? Paper and the Lacey Act” in which we discussed using paper fiber testing to find potentially illegally harvested wood in paper products purchased in the United […]