Ten Sure Signs You Are a Print Junkie!

40 There have been many times in my career where the satisfaction of making the impossible, possible, has induced an overload of endorphins! Even if others didn’t say thank you, and ten more jobs were dropped on my desk without any acknowledgment of the miracle pulled off, I knew for that moment I was a […]

1/1 Interview With Francis Atterbury, Bookmaking Pioneer And Craftsman At Artisan Books

0There are a few print companies out there who become the default “name” used as the example when discussing a specific print product, and Artisan Books is one of them. After a brief exchange with Francis Atterbury, I understand why. Who wouldn’t default to the man who states, “there will always be a market for […]

PrintMediaCentr’s Printerverse Lands At #GRAPHEXPO 14

0THE PRINTERVERSE™ AT GRAPH EXPO 14 TO DELIVER  “OUT OF THIS WORLD” NETWORKING AND LEARNING EXPERIENCE Special Events, Trending Marketing Sessions, and Robust Networking Round Out the Interactive Programing in Store for Show Goers PrintMediaCentr is pleased to announce the Printerverse will return to GRAPH EXPO 14, coming to Chicago’s McCormick Place, September 28 – […]

1/1 Interview With Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic At FoldFactory.com

0Trish Witkowski is one of those people who can command a room, or a video frame, simply by stepping into it. She is authentic, informative, and always printspirational! Her legendary Fold of The Week videos have given her well-deserved print industry celebrity status, and she is the only person I know that could make a barrel […]

A Super Idea To Save The Reputation Of Print And Paper

6For many years the industry has provided a wealth of research, information and resources to address the perception surrounding the sustainability of print and paper. And while these organizations have done an amazing job educating us and helping us have intelligent conversations on the topic, for the most part we have collectively fallen short reaching […]

A Few Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Paper For Your Printing

0 At the end of the day, all of the meticulous file creation and prepress preparation we undergo during a project wont matter unless you have factored in BOTH the press, and the paper you are printing on. The presses are a much bigger and technical story, so let’s talk about the paper! Without a doubt, paper is […]

Sprout: Use a Pencil, Plant a Pencil, Grow a Plant!

2I’ve seen seeded paper that you can plant and grow wild flowers, but never a pencil that you can use to write down your favorite recipes, then plant, and use IN your favorite recipes! Just a nice reminder that us “paper users” are part of this sustainable cycle! From YouTube: What if instead of throwing […]

JWT Brazil Shares Some Secrets Behind The BBQ Bible

0Recently I shared a story about the BBQ Bible created by JWT Brazil. I did a little digging and reached out to the Creative department in San Paulo with a few questions – and shortly after received a reply from Maria Eugenia Humberg, Communication & Marketing Director. I did ask if we would be able to get […]

May 12-18th Is Children’s Book Week

0I must admit I’ve never been much of a reader. I grew up sitting in front of a TV when I wasn’t outside playing manhunt, stickball, stoop-ball, and drinking water from the garden hose! Saturday mornings were all about cartoons and shows like Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, HR Pufnstuf <–ok […]

Drinkable Book Provides Filtration Through Its Pages

0Although this book is great example of re-thinking print, I don’t want the true subject matter to get lost and please be warned the video shows some pretty horrific potability situations. To learn about WaterisLife and help with their mission visit here. With that being said, it is a magical thing when a book can save lives. […]