Infographic: Why Content For SEO?

  Numbers in charts have factors that number users dont necessarily reveal, or can be argued… but what cant be argued is that I see everyday how content increases PMC’s visibility on search engines, and how many people are visiting through searches of terms related to the Print and Integrated Marketing Industry. To fine tune […]

Digital vs. Print: Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

By Doc | October 5, 2010 Doc believes in all things digital, but he also believes in the power of print. So I keep my eye on market trends but greet those predicting the end of print with a healthy dose of skepticism. Print is still a dominant communication vehicle and will be for some […]

Are you blind on the Web? 50+ Analytics Tools for Businesses

Web analytics is perhaps the most important discipline for businesses online. In case you don’t know who and why visits you, buys your products and talks about you, you are blind on the Web. Web analytics goes beyond simple SEO metrics. It’s about - usability - conversions - branding - among others. Additionally, with the huge influence of social media, it’s […]