If you are researching two dimensional (2D) scan codes such as Quick Response codes, EZcodes, Microsoft Tag codes, FOX Codes – to help your company leverage smartphones and integrate the codes into your product packaging, promotion, publicity, social media and advertising – here are the Top 150 “Must Read” Quick Response (QR) code* stories of 2010.

Reading these Top 150 stories will help you and your team think of great ideas to leverage scan codes; learn best practices and help you avoid making the same embarrassing and costly mistakes of companies that have already started engaging and activating their audience by leveraging 2D scan codes and the mobile internet on smartphones in the US: an estimated 160 million smartphones by 2013, according to the Yankee Group.

via Top 150 ‘Must Read’ Quick Response (QR) Code Stories of 2010 [aka Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes; EZcodes; Tag; Mobile Tags for SmartPhone] – a Blog by GREAT! CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dan Smigrod – That’s GREAT!.

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