Congratulations to our Final Five!

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Here are the finalists and their entries.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

John Hornsby • Success is a combination of many things. The ability to realize what truly makes you happy combined with the wherewithal and tools to actualize those things. Being able to change course when you realize it is no longer the prize you want or that you are no longer the same person that used to want it. Cultivating the ability to constantly revaluate and adjust as the moment and situation require. This is best achieved by helping others to succeed and respecting the fact that other peoples’ definition of success is both different from, and just as valid as your own.

April O’Brien • Success may be as small a thing as getting out of bed or as big a thing as being elected President of the United States. My personal view is very simple. Success means peace of mind with yourself and with life around you enjoying what you’re doing, where you are at the moment knowing you’re doing your best. I may not be President and am currently unemployed. But I did get out of bed this morning and take each step with a positive outlook and smile on my face. That’s my small bit of success for today.

Thomas Stuber • By helping others be all they can be, through kindness, compassion, understanding and love you will make the world a better place. Through setting an example of selfless acts of giving you can achieve success! I have lived a successful life and continue to do so because I follow this philosophy in everything I do. Helping my family, a co-worker or a stranger improve their lives is my definition of success.

Al Zowada • Success is achieving something you desired. It is as simple as completing a puzzle or as elusive as inner peace. Our society tends to measure success by financial wealth or title. If that is what the individual wanted, then they have truly succeeded. We shouldn’t let someone’s achievement overshadow our own. Actors consider themselves successful by winning an award while people getting a job to support their family consider themselves successful as well. It is up to you to decide which is more important in your world. Today, I will succeed if I can make my sickly mother smile once more.

Bill DiMinno • Success is extraordinary and beautiful. The ability to experience fulfilment and gratification in all things human, material and/or spiritual. A more extreme success can come when you posses the ability to plan and communicate what these things are AHEAD of time, then actually celebrate once they are achieved and your feelings of self worth fulfilled. Comprised of small steps or large bounding moments in time; success is many thing to many people, but most definitely exudes many things positive for yourself and people around you. Most of all in the end success, if handled and appreciated correctly, can help spread a peace, love, and a happiness only achieved, then judged and appreciated by the very person whom understands themselves to their core and their true human value to others in this life.

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