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Hi, it’s Ed Gandia and Pete Savage here with a major announcement…

We’re excited (and we think you will be too) because today we’re finally ready to pull back the curtain on what we’ve been working on since International Freelancers Day ended back in September!

After the dust settled following that massively successful online video event, we asked ourselves, “How could we possibly top the success of International Freelancers Day?”

It wasn’t long before the answer appeared … create a website that delivers ongoing video training to freelancers, consultants and solo professionals ALL YEAR LONG! So that’s exactly what we’ve built. And after a few weeks of hard work, it’s finally ready…

Today marks the official launch of International Freelancers Academy!

Starting TODAY, you can watch brand new, high-quality training videos that will help you transform your solo business. In fact, the first two training video episodes are available for you right here:

Sure, we’ll all get together again for another massive celebration at International Freelancers Day next year. But that’s a once-a-year event. In the meantime, why should the learning stop?

The Academy will bring you brand new, free videos from some of your favorite “IFD” speakers every single week.

Important Note: These videos will be available free for 7 days only. After that, they’ll be pulled down, and you’ll get another round of awesome training. That’s why it’s important to come and visit the site every week. Bookmark it!

And don’t worry. Every week, as soon as new training is posted, we’ll email you to let you know.

Finally, if you like what you see there… all we ask is that you SHARE the pages via the Twitter or Facebook sharing buttons you see there.

To your success!

Ed Gandia and Pete Savage
Co-founders, International Freelancers Day and International
Freelancers Academy

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