Offline marketing used to be the only kind of marketing. Billboards, flyers, brochures, sales letters, direct mail, cold calls, marketing events, seminars, sponsorships, newspaper ads, magazine ads, giveaways, signs—those were all the old-fashioned methods of building a brand, building relationships, building awareness, communicating with your customers and potential customers, and getting buzz on the street.

They were all common marketing techniques for small and large businesses, and they often cost a lot of money. Small businesses have, for the most part, embraced online marketing with a sigh of relief. For a smaller investment, they can reach a more targeted market and, often, have a better chance at tracking their ROI, which means they can make better choices about whether or not to keep investing those marketing dollars in the same places.

Continues at:  Why Offline Marketing Still Matters : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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