New survey proves that worry’s one thing, spending another  By Robert Klara

As any politician will tell you, it’s one thing to get someone to smile and shake your hand and quite another to convince him to pull out his wallet. And as any brand manager will tell you, this maxim also applies to environmental marketing. Lots of consumers say they care about the planet, but try to get them to spend extra on eco-friendly brands. Marketers have puzzled over this disconnect for years. Now, a new study has proven that it’s not all in their heads.

According to “Green Brands 2011,” a survey just released by global brand consultancy Landor, consumers are worried about the planet like never before—just don’t ask them to dig too deeply into their pockets to save it.

Over half of the survey’s 9,000 global respondents said they think the environment “is on the wrong track,” and a whopping 73 percent of Americans said it’s important to buy products from green companies. But when asked how much more they’d be willing to pay for those products, 37 percent of U.S. shoppers said they’d pay nothing extra and only 33 percent said they’d fork over up to 10 percent more. (Various smaller fractions would spend higher amounts and some were undecided.)

Continues at:  Survey: When It Comes to Green Brands, Americans Very Price Sensitive | Adweek.

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