Their REPORT is obviously based upon their product, but the numbers are still a pretty good case for QR code usage in your marketing mix… especially if you are trying to reach the ladies…

Some take aways:

Scans come from over 125 different countries every day.

– 2D barcode scanning is currently outpacing the growth of 1D barcodes, a major shift from 2010.

– Over 45,000 2D barcodes were generated from the ScanLife platform in the 2nd quarter, a 300% increase from a year ago.

– Over 400,000 unique UPC codes, or products, were scanned by the ScanLife app in a single month.

– The number of females scanning increased 13%, and the 35-44 age-group increased 8% from the last quarter showing a continued trend toward the mainstream.

See the full article & download report here

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