It’s usually a good sign that something is going to enter the mainstream when kids are the marketing target.  Cadbury introduced an AR candy bar wrapper last week, and now AR stickers delivered via Vending Machines are being introduced.  This is both good and bad news for parents… good because they most likely will need to help their kids see the tech in action and have some fun with them, and bad because like anything that comes in a series or can be collected, they will have to shell out the money for the stickers and most likely make frequent stops at the machines that sell them. Of course, it’s great news for Print as another avenue for multichannel is now open!


POINTE-CLAIRE, QC, Canada — Allstar Vending has announced the launch of Dinosaur AR, a series of stickers imprinted with dinosaurs. When held or placed within the field of view of the webcam on a computer or smartphone, the sticker’s dinosaur comes to life on the screen when the user logs onto the website. The resulting computer-generated animation is integrated into the scene being captured by the camera. A sticker held in the hand will spawn a tiny dinosaur on the display, interacting with the purchaser. | SEE DEMO

via Allstar Inks Deal With Sticker Technology Firm To Bring Augmented Reality To Flat Vending | Articles | Vending Features | Vending Times Inc..

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