WOW. This is not only a well produced video, but all I can imagine now is people walking into their office and seeing their schedule and messages etc on the WALLS. How far off is this technology for general use I suppose is the real question, but for now I am happy to dream about the possibilities and be mesmerized by them. If you want more video – there is a 19 minute version available via the link in the post below.


The possibilities unleashed by augmented reality are limited only by the bounds of our imaginations, but so far we’ve only seen the technology used to add layers of data to the world as we currently know it. What about using the potential of augmented reality to start shaping the physical world we inhabit?

Continues at:  Where augmented reality and architecture collide [Video] – TNW Design & Dev.

Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d [Short Version] from Greg Tran on Vimeo.

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