This article is speaking to retailers to get on board with digital circulars, but I am going to focus on Printers. If you are not currently exploring or implementing a digital aspect to your services, you are going to lose out. You have the files, you have the assets, you have the clients. With a functional DAM system in place and a Digital Publishing arm to your business, you could rule the world!  For those of you who just cant do it for a myriad of valid reasons, start interviewing companies that specialize in creating these materials and white label the services. Take a cut of the digital fee (vs nothing) and dont let your customers start to look for Printers that can do both, and find them.

By Jamie Ray, VP of Retail, PointRoll

One of the most enduring forms of retail marketing is the print circular. Consumers make a ritual of checking them for specials before making their shopping lists. I’ve even known some people who subscribed to the Sunday paper just so they could get the circulars (of course those people have asked not to be named in this article).

As for retailers, we all know that print circulars work. They’re proven to drive in-store traffic by promoting local deals, because smart marketers have perfected the science behind them. Recent research by Nielsen found that 60% of shoppers look at a paper circular at least once a week. With the holidays just around the corner, it should come as no surprise that this subject is starting to gain some attention.

New technologies and devices are organically forcing retailers to re-think their digital strategies. As consumer consumption patterns begin to shift with the emergence of new technology and devices, so must advertising and marketing to consumers.

Though the Nielsen study found that audiences for digital circulars are currently relatively small, conversion rates are strong and the demand for digital is growing. When asked about what they want in the future, 70% of shoppers said they will want to use email and traditional websites while one-third want social and mobile applications. And that can be a good thing – shoppers who visit a store’s website were found to spend 30% more in the store.

Continues at:  Moving circulars into the digital age – Direct Marketing News.

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