The video and concept Tablet are aimed at consumers, but this product also has amazing potential for in-store displays!  The second video shows the screen applied to tangible materials and Im not sure since it’s a concept if they can be made any larger, but if they could – imagine the Trade Show Booth of the future!  

Samsung’s Transparent and Flexible Concept Tablet

by Jolie O’Dell

Samsung has posted a video demonstrating a rather mind-blowing new concept tablet featuring a fully flexible AMOLED display.

You can see through it, bend it, fold it and roll it up — and of course, you can use it to read books, browse the web, take pictures and watch videos.

Granted, the video above is replete with special effects to show off as-yet unavailable-to-consumers technology. However, we’ve seen Samsung making big investments in flexible screens, and the video above lines up with demos we saw earlier this year:

Continues at:  Check out Samsung’s transparent and flexible concept tablet (video) | VentureBeat.

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