Cheers to Ogilvy and Mather, Bogata, for inventing Rush Hour Traffic Jam Cinema!  One way to curb road rage, if the movie was good of course.

In Bogota’, Colombia, commuters in average spend 4 hours a day stuck in traffic and so the soda-pop giant had a great idea to take advantage of traffic jams by installing a giant screen on the sidewalk broadcasting endless cycle of “Filminutes”, 1-minute long movies.

At the same time ads on the screen would encourage people to tune in to a local FM station for audio. Everyone, usually very miserable, reacted very well as they were also offered Coca-Cola bottles and of course, like in a proper cinema, pop-corn. The video shows it all.

via Oman Collective Intelligence – MPiRe: Coca-Cola transforms highway into outdoor cinema.

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