This has all the makings of great guerrilla marketing – a new product, a mystery, and organic buzz from “the people” and the press wanting to be the first to solve it AND pass it along… 


Who Says QR Codes Don’t Work? Volkswagen Proves Otherwise!

by: Barry Cunningham

To assist with the unveiling of their new car model. Volkswagen activated a very unique way to get the word out. They employed the “mother of all vehicle wraps” in a QR campaign that created buzz with interested drivers around the country (Germany).

If you went up to the car and actually scanned the QR code, you received an exclusive first look at the new car.

Did the promotion work? Well, 5,500+ people scanned the QR code. The promotion certainly garnered Volkswagen a lot of online interaction.

Let’s see if they roll this out in the U.S. … or if perhaps someone here takes the idea and runs with it.

via Who Says QR Codes Don’t Work? Volkswagen Proves Otherwise!.

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