It’s awesome that the publishing industry is adopting AR as another link between print and digital, and Im grateful they are being open minded. But I have to say, it’s just the beginning with the next step being Intelligent Print Recognition. There are many differences, and some similarities, but ultimately  iPR(tm) provides a relationship with Popular Science itself (and the other brands of the publisher), not just the content. I will keep writing about it – just like I did for AR/NFC over the past few years, and eventually it will seep into the right crevices…

Popular Science Enlists Augmented Reality To Bridge Printed Page, Digital World

By Chantal Tode

Augmented reality makes printed pages interactive

The latest issue of Popular Science harnesses augmented reality to integrate the printed page with the digital world with the assistance of a new mobile app.

Readers of the June print edition of the magazine will be able to aim a smartphone or tablet at certain pages to activate augmented reality action such as a video or slideshow that is overlaid on a static image. In order to be able to view and interact with additional content, readers can download the new PopSci Interactive app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

“As a magazine about ‘the future now’ we’re constantly trying to practice what we preach,” said Jake Ward, editor-in-chief of Popular Science. “We want to draw readers in beyond the words and images on the page, and augmented reality is a wonderful way to create a deeper value.

“We have a very powerful trio of platforms at our disposal — print, digital and our tablet edition — so we’re constantly looking to cross-promote,” he said.

“The production of our content takes place with all of those platforms in mind, and as mobile devices are able to handle content like video and animation more easily, we’ll be moving beyond merely replicating or even just expanding content on mobile devices — we’ll be creating original content for them.”

Popular Science is published by Bonnier Corp., Winter Park, FL. The magazine was founded in 1872.

Social play

Popular Science previously used augmented reality to animate covers in 2009 and last year. However, this is the first time the publication is using augmented reality to deliver expanded editorial content using mobile to interact with the printed page.

The augmented reality integration in the June issue is part of the magazine’s Invention Awards, an annual feature profiling ten inventors of potentially world-changing technologies.

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