Loyalty-and-RetentionGet a schmear of Augmented Reality with your bagel! 

Brand loyalty is a wonderful thing. Once consumer trust is established, opportunities to create evangelists for products and services and create new users, can be found even through packaging! I think this is a great example for a few reasons…

• Loyal Philly fiends will love the app, utilize the recipe features, and want to tell their friends about it. No better advertising than word of mouth.

• The gamification aspect will entice some to purchase based upon the chance of winning some cash. These could be new customers, returning customers, or loyal customers. Whatever the case, you have a whole bunch of people buying your product and the opportunity to build upon or create a relationship with them.

• With packaging getting smaller (not in volume but in reduction of packaging materials and in some cases the volume of product, (anyone notice some “pints” of ice cream are 15 oz now?) the leap to the digital world solves the space issue! Of course, this leap has to be worth my while or my brand loyalty might be tested.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Blippar Tie-up

by Jenni Baker, London

Kraft Foods has teamed up with visual discovery app Blippar to launch a range of interactive product packages on tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

blippar philadelphiaWith the campaign, consumers will be invited to download and open the free Blippar app on their smartphone or tablet and ‘blipp’ tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (except chocolate) to unlock a range of features.

In addition to the packaging, Philadelphia press ads will also be Blippar-enabled.

The app will host a selection of Philadelphia recipes, the new TV ad, as well as a new Philadelphia game where users catch falling ingredients in their shopping basket, with the chance to win £200 ($315) worth of shopping vouchers.

“Philadelphia has such a loyal following and we are excited to be able to offer them more value for their purchase,” says Blippar co-founder and chief marketing officer Jess Butcher. “There’s always going to be limited space on any product packaging, but what Blippar does is enable something as regular and familiar as a tub of Philadelphia to transform into an exciting visual experience whilst providing handy information such as recipes.”

via Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Blippar tie-up | News | M&M.

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