This is certainly a cool way to stand out from the crowd, especially when you are approaching the “media” industry which I have to assume applies to those who BUY space, and not members of the media. 

While there isnt very detailed information below such as did the DM have an envelope – and if so did it tease the experience inside, if the media rep found their way to the print, it is a cool piece. The info on the bottom gives a little insight into the revamped BBC, a rationale for looking into their new opportunities, and directions to the APP for the virtual experience.

I downloaded the Engage More APP and had no issues at all accessing the digital content from the image below. At first I found it a bit clunky;  I had to move my phone around and literally spin in my chair to find the video. I thought it would do “more” like take me take a virtual tour or something, so maybe I haven’t spun around enough to see all that if potentially offers.

The video was of good quality, and was a great way to SEE all the BBC action vs just read about it. All in all, a win for print, and NO QR CODE adds a bonus “yay” from me!


Kudan partnered with Gyro to develop an iOS and Android application on behalf of the BBC, with the goal of showcasing the new BBC World’s Newsroom in all its glory to the media industry.

A pop up DM piece was sent to media representatives across the world and once scanned with the ‘’Engage More’’ app, the users were immersed in a 360 degree panoramic. By exploring the image, they discovered the entrance to the new building with links to an introductory video.

Testimonial: “Kudan wasted no time in understanding our needs. They combined some great creative ideas and ultimately delivered the project on time and on budget to a high standard.” Simon Tyrrell Senior Account Manager at Gyro

via BBC – 360 panoramic of the BBC’s World’s Newsroom triggerd by direct mail.

Download “ENGAGE MORE” APP from Android or iTunes Store and scan to see the execution:

BBC_Pop Up

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