This is a great idea and of course since the App works with print it’s even cooler! Im not a big photo sharing person in my real life, but Im thinking of other ways to use this tech that make more sense for me. For example, using the app to add a little photo to your resume and creating a 45 second introduction which you could in fact personalize for each recipient. This would also work on letters that accompany marketing materials and samples.For business cards, probably a generic message would work best, but there are a zillion ways to be creative with that.

The HP Live Photo App is free to download from the Apple store. Android users are out of luck, at least for now. 

HP Live Photo App Turns Photo Prints Into Augmented Reality Videos

by Kevin Lee

Thanks to the digital age, the printed photograph has been replaced with an electronic photo frame or an iPad you pass around. HP wants to change all that by embedding hidden augmented reality videos inside your physical photos.


Basically, you can point your iPhone camera at a “ Live Photo ” created with HPs system and watch it automagically turn into a video on your smartphone screen. It’s seems both incredibly backwards and awesome at the same time. To create you own Live Photos, you first need to download the HP Live Photo app onto your camera-equipped iOS device. You can use the app to convert any 45 seconds of video into a single frame that comes encoded with the video similar to the way you can store information in a QR code. All that’s left to do is print the image from the iPhone app to an AirPrint-enabled printer, which includes many Wi-Fi-equipped printers.

While it might seem backwards to look at a photo through your iPhone just to see a video, it definitely seems to present a more personal way to share videos than just to send your friend a YouTube link.

via HP Live Photo app turns photo prints into augmented reality videos | TechHive.

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