simpson-collegeHere is a great use of cross media marketing! A printed banner connects people (and potential students) with a digital experience that offers them a glimpse into campus life. The video below doesnt show if there was a way to connect and get more information, but that would just be icing on the cake since it’s a local college, and the banner is hanging in a local mall outside of a movie theater.

Something else that is pretty cool, it’s a OOH banner! I cant recall seeing AR used this way since Ive been tracking it, but I have certainly been on TEAM WIDE FORMAT when it comes to incorporating marketing technology. QR codes can make this experience difficult when something is hanging from the ceiling and may even be moving from air circulation. Image recognition gives people a much better shot at accessing the digital content without needing a marketing degree… and may even entice a few scanners to pursue one!

Simpson College Augmented Reality Banner


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