After the recent tweet from Paperless 2013 about the Restoration Hardware catalog, I decided to take a different approach to getting some paper sustainability facts out there that would be more digestible.

What I realized from the Paperless 2013 tweet is that ONE image really does say a 1000 words (about a 1000 page catalog no less) and that OUR story was pretty much impossible to tell that way; sustainability info can be boring and wordy and statistical.  So I went back to my advertising roots and created my own “Truth” campaign with imagery that helps tell our story. I’ve been sharing it socially and it’s certainly getting around – enough so that I’m going to post the three images here, and invite you to share this post or clip the images and share what you want – up to you. I only ask that you don’t change the image names!

Now that I have opened the comments on PMC, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this approach and also welcome suggestions for additional facts from TWO SIDES US to use in the next batch of graphics… Thanks!

click on images for full size




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