2014 just started off with a HELL YEAH!

Trish Witkowski, everyones FAVORITE Folding Fanatic, reached out to let me know about an AMAZING offer she has created. I will leave it to her to explain, but I have to remind the PRINTERS out there that stocking up on cool dielines and then sharing them with customers as ADDED VALUE not only creates good will, it creates good – and MORE – print! That is some pretty awesome ROI for 43 bucks!  THANKS TRISH for thinking of us!

Trish-Witkowski-print-media-centrHi everybody! I’m doing something crazy this week. Crazy-good, that is. So, of course I thought of my friend Deborah Corn her super-cool PMC audience. 
Here’s the deal: I want you to be more creative in 2014 – it’s my New Year’s Resolution. So I’m giving you the tools you need to “Rock the Mailbox” with creative new formats for your direct marketing efforts. For this week only, I’m offering my entire collection of production dielines – 43 dielines in all – for less than the cost of a billable production hour. Now, seriously, have you ever tried to make a snake fold die line? It takes even a seasoned pro hours to make one. You’ll get the Snake Fold, Iron Cross, Stepped Accordion and 40 other compelling formats to play around with. 
That’s 43 dielines for 43 bucks. I know – it’s crazy, so hurry up before I change my mind! Order now and you can download immediately: http://www.foldfactory.com/shop.php
Stay fold-tastic, my friends.
Best regards,
Trish Witkowski

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