I found this infographic on webpronews. It was created using information from The Social Media Benchmarking Report produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research, and is available for sale.

B-2-B-Social-MediaMost of the below reiterates what those of us in the social space already know – LinkedIn is where you go to do business, video content creates more engagement, Twitter helps boost branding… and then it gets a bit more interesting.

The report indicates that 60% of respondents can now PROVE ROI for social media efforts in some form. It also states that only 8% of respondents think social is of limited or no importance. The tide has certainly turned here!  Social cannot be dismissed anymore as some passing fad that has nothing to do with business…and whether that is good news or bad news is up to you to decide.

If you are in the space, or are planning on jumping in, it is very important to keep in mind that it’s SOCIAL media first, then a marketing tool. With 75% of respondents sending the marketing team in to man the accounts, interactions can be stiff and 99% of the time you can tell if you are speaking with someone who understands your business, or an intern assigned to social. I believe most of the key challenges indicated below could be overcome by understanding that people want a human experience through social media, and if you take the time to engage with and learn about your audience, they will appreciate that more than anything else.

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