I’m announcing it here first: I, Andy of the Tribe of Solages, first of my name, will be attending PRINT 17.

Described as “the largest gathering of the printing, publishing, in-plant, graphic communications, and mailing/fulfillment communities in the Americas”, PRINT 17 will be held in Chicago on September 10th through the 14th. And, yes, PRINT 17 will feature the return of the Printerverse and PMC’s Intergalactic Alliance.

CHICAGO-print17-print media centr

Everybody scream! Weeeeeeee. And so forth.

As thrilled as I am by the education sessions and the exhibits of graphic communication technologies, I’m more excited by the chance to see YOU outside of the zeroes and ones.

Yes, you.

Referrals. Introductions. Projects. Brainstorming. Jokes. Camaraderie. Signal-Boosting. Even when environments become inhospitable, your generosity and intelligence allows friends like me to revive, thrive, and feel like tardigrades in this industry.

You inspire me. You’re why my most recent PMC posts were written with the intention of connecting people with professional resources. One post requested feedback and ideas on behalf of an old friend who once worked in printing and has had thoughts about returning. The second post introduced readers to a recent graduate who has ambitions of becoming an art director and mentioned two organizations that support graphic communication students like her.

You inspire a lot of people.

It’s not exactly like I am having a “we’re all connected” moment like Lex Luthor in All-Star Superman #12, but gratitude is taking me close.


I’ve experienced enough nastiness and professional ineptitude to dial it back and maintain distance from certain parties. But even those parties may contribute to me going full-on love bunny when I contrast them with the wonderful people and organizations I’m in “here” (i.e. the Printerverse) with.

That I am even able to attend PRINT 17 is a function of becoming an “us” with good people in this print and integrated marketing community (looking at you in particular, Ambassador). And the “us” can produce squads. Remember how the 2017 CMYK manifesto advised us to “squad up” and worry less about “client snatching?” Yeah, do that. Open doors for your squad and let your squad open doors for you.

Find your folk.

Kelly Mallozzi addressed an open letter to her best client ever. If gratitude is trending at PMC, I’m all in. And PRINT 17 will be a great place to practice. It will be like “Thank You Day” on Daniel Tiger except with more lead generation and business cards.

Find your folk. Thank your folk. Do not take them for granted.

My experiences over the past year have reinforced for me the benefits of going hard with kindness in professional spaces. As often as I’ve been a beneficiary, I’m motivated to send sun, succor, and solidarity cycling through industry ecosystems.

We’re in here.

If you would like to experience the Printerverse and the Intergalactic Alliance at PRINT 17, visit print2017.com to register – use code PMCPRINT17 for a FREE show pass, and learn more.

Hope to connect with you there!

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