Have you noticed that print has become one of the good guys?

We’re not selling our data to the bad guys. We’re not setting up algorithms that only benefit our paying customers. We’re not slowing down access to those who can’t afford to get on the information superhighway.


Print is good and decent.

It’s fascinating to read posts by the digital gurus who list print (sometimes at the top of the list) as a way to reach customers in a trustworthy way.

We’re trustworthy! Because print good and decent!

It’s amazing to see developers want to create new ways to connect their technology to print.

Because print connects with people. It’s good and decent!

I love seeing people turn for their news to big newspapers and small that check their facts and put out honest journalism.

Honestly, print is so good and decent.

If you’re involved in making print, selling print or promoting print, this is the year to reach out to your tribes, your colleagues and even your print-indifferent friends and let them know that print has always been the one.

We’re like Glenn Close in “The Natural.” So good. So decent.

And like her character, we really are the logical, enduring, smart choice.

It’s always been print.

P.S. Polish up your image and get your messaging in order. Together let’s make the most of print — and why it’s great — in the coming year!

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Sandy Hubbard is a marketing strategist for printing companies. She builds sales and marketing programs that can be sustained over the long haul, with affordable tools and your own people…and without stress! Find @sandyhubbard on Twitter each Wednesday at 4 PM ET, assisting #PrintChat host Deborah Corn @PrintMediaCentr with a lively online discussion for printers and those who love print.

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