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I was fortunate enough to get to attend a recent Project Peacock event in NYC earlier this month and I have a whole bunch of takeaways for you, but the one I want to focus on today is this:


The reason that I know this is that the event started at 6PM and people started showing up at 5:40.

In New York City.

In July.

By 6:10 the room was getting packed and by 6:30 you couldn’t move in the room.

People were grabbing samples. They were questioning the vendors that were present. They were snapping pictures and sharing information.

Granted, the audience was mostly agency and brand people and the exhibitors represented were a paper company and a press manufacturer.

project peacock apc-nyc

But here is what I want you to understand, and how I want you to think about every interaction that you attempt with a prospect

  1. No one in that room was selling. They were teaching. They were showing. They were answering questions and telling stories.
  2. The location was neutral. It didn’t hurt that it was called Printers Alley, which was very intentional. Everyone was at ease, the wine and beer were flowing, and we had the bonus of Manhattanhenge to look forward to. Google it.
  3. This kind of event is very good for relationships. When is the last time you met a client or prospect anywhere other than their office or your plant? It’s time to get creative.
  4. It’s time to make sure that all your messaging focuses on education and information sharing versus the message that “I have something to sell and I want you to buy it from me.”
  5. You must trust that if you adopt this attitude, that it is more important to share and educate than it is to sell, THE SALES WILL COME TO YOU. Maybe not from everyone, but you will be a much more valuable source of information and one who is much more trustworthy and just plain more fun to be around.

Give it a try. Have some fun. Share. Learn. Grow. And grow your sales.

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