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For someone who has lived most of my life at sea level, it’s always an honor to hear from those who have dared to breach the clouds and risk their lives to climb Mt. Everest. It’s also not surprising that with the right personality and message, these climbers are without question amazing motivational speakers.

The proof of their motivation is clearly evident in the years of team preparation, fundraising, training, and education that takes place before they step foot in Nepal. Climbing Mt. Everest is literally the last thing they will ever do unless they find the strength to make it back down, and more often than not without ever reaching the summit.

Over the years I have heard from several climbers at industry events who have reached the top, and their stories have made me examine my life on the ground in equally impressive ways. Last week however at thINK Forum 2018, keynote speaker Jamie Clarke shared 3 words that have changed the way I look at pretty much everything now…


Those 3 words, shared by his Grandfather, changed his path by changing his perception of his role in a team… and that attitude adjustment created the opportunity for Jamie to stand 30,000 feet above the earth and realize his dream.

It’s a big idea with a simple formula. Once the mission is set: remove your ego, remove your questions, remove your idea of what you think the mission should be… and serve the mission. Serve it by supporting. Serve it by leading. Serve it by participating. Serve it by educating. Serve it by LEAVING if that serves the mission better than you staying. It’s not about you, after all, it’s about the mission.

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Your mission, should you accept it is also simple. I wrote it big and bold, but I will repeat it for dramatic effect… Serve. The. Mission. Of. Print.

It is the fall event season. Start the mission by getting some formal education and information about new technologies, products, and services. Listen for new ideas, look for new ways to do things, learn from those who have reached the top.

There are a plethora of global events to choose from in the near and not so distant future listed here. You can list yours for free, and I encourage you to share every learning opportunity you provide.

Here are a few I will be at…

Printing Industries of Ohio • Northern Kentucky Leadership Conference Sept 16-18, Columbus, Ohio I am presenting on #ProjectPeacock and looking forward to spending a few days with the printers and speakers in attendance. Local events are awesome, and so are the regional arms and affiliates of PIA. Serve the mission of print by getting involved with your local community, then branch out.

Label Expo Americas Sept 25-27, Chicago This is my maiden voyage to the US show, and being invited by Team HP to hang with them and serve the mission of print from their booth is a double bonus. There is an even bigger bonus but my NDA prevents me from sharing more than… GO THE HP BOOTH AT LABEL EXPO!! p.s. I am so excited!!! Follow #LabelExpo and of course @HPGraphicArts and @PrintMediaCentr. I will unleash the info and share pics and more once I have the OK.

PRINT 18 Sept 30-Oct 2, Chicago The Printerverse is back for our 8th year serving the mission of print by providing 3 days of FREE education, interviews, and events from the show floor with our amazing Intergalactic Alliance. Learn all about it here, and listen to this growing playlist of #PMCpodcasts highlighting technology coming to the show. If you can’t make it to Chicago, serve the mission by tuning into our live broadcast on PMC’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can ask questions from there! Share this info with your connections. Follow #Print18 and #Printerverse, and you can connect with the Alliance through this handy Twitter list.

International Print Day Oct 17 Serve the mission and celebrate your LOVE of print! Join us for 24-hours of social media sharing to… Help Print Trend The Planet! Our 2018 theme is collaboration, manifested through the hashtag #PrintWith. Learn how it works and starts your preparations now by visiting the site. Download the poster designed by Craig Bower with an Augmented Reality assist from Miralupa. Follow @IntPrintDay #IPD18 #PrintWith.

SGIA EXPO 2018 Oct 18-20, Las Vegas This tremendous show never disappoints, especially if your mission is to enter into or expand your wide format offerings and receive information and support to be successful at it. I love this show because I get to roam the show floor and I always find something new and cool on my travels. TEAM SGIA has a bunch of podcasts coming, you can serve the mission of print by listening and sharing. Easy! Follow @SGIAexpo #SGIAexpo  … and watch for news about PRINTING United – a new venture between SGIA and NAPCO Media that will revamp the idea of what industry gatherings can be, and reignite industry engagement with marketers, brands and all kinds of print customers. PRINTING United launches in Dallas in 2019. Yeeee Haw!

MarketEdge 2018 Nov 5-7, Clearwater FL I am serving the mission of print right now by telling you about this event produced by my current obsession, DirectMail2.0. They have the MOST LISTENED to podcasts on my channel for a reason, their product produces profits. I urge you to click here and sign-up for a demo. You have only 20 mins to lose if it’s not for you, and barrels of cash to gain if it is by offering this NO BRAINER, minimal effort value-add for direct mail that will produce huge-rewards for you and your customers.


DeborahCorn-PrintMediaCentrDeborah Corn is the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr, a Print Buyerologist™, industry speaker and author, host of Podcasts from The Printerverse, cultivator of Print Production Professionals the #1 print group on LinkedIn, host of #PrintChat every Wednesday at 4PM ET on Twitter, and the founder of International Print Day and the founder of #ProjectPeacock. She is the recipient of several industry honors including the 2016 Girls Who Print Girlie Award and sits on the boards of the Advertising Production Club of NYC and The Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.

Deborah has 25+ years experience working in advertising as a Print Producer, and currently works behind the scenes with printers, suppliers and industry organizations helping them create meaningful relationships with customers and achieve success with their social media and content marketing endeavors.

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