In 2009, Mary Beth Smith started Girls Who Print as a group on LinkedIn. Over the years, Girls Who Print has evolved into a much-needed organization inclusive of women from every part of the print industry. Bindery printers, machine operators, marketers, managers, executives, salespeople, owners, production professionals, and students have all found a voice within the Girls Who Print community. With in-person events, an active social media presence, and engagement with students and educators, what Mary Beth started as “Girl #1” continues to grow and shows no sign of stopping. That means that you still have plenty of chances to win the organization’s annual Girlie Award and wear the tiara!

In this interview with Girl #2, Print Media Centr’s Deborah Corn, Mary Beth takes us from the saddle-stitch book she made in the second grade through her career and into the near future of the Girls Who Print movement. Exciting changes are on the way including new leadership and a renewed emphasis on helping women around the world find mentors and form professional partnerships. Hear the details and learn how to get involved!

And what does Mary Beth have to say to people who think the group should be called “Women Who Print?”

Also, as the owner of Park City Publishing, Mary Beth also offers insight and guidance concerning self-publishing and discusses how she helps laypeople navigate the process.

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