by Jennifer Grace

When is the last time you’ve seen an article about how print is still alive? Or print isn’t dead? I see them all the time…and… I admit it, I’ve written a few myself. Not to worry; this article is not one of those, though, I do strongly believe in the power of print. But I can’t help to think, why these articles are so popular? With digital being so present in our lives and moving at such a rapid pace, I understand the concern. Where does print fit in, right? Here are just a few misconceptions about the print industry that may shed some light on the topic.

Print and digital are competing. First of all, who ever said it was print versus digital? As far as I’m concerned they are two sides to the same coin. They don’t compete with one another, although, in some instances they will work towards the same goal.   In reality, they are like apples and oranges; wine and beer; lemonade and ice tea. You get the point? They’re totally different though used for the same purpose. Digital moves at a fast pace, sure, but print finds it’s way into a different realm of the human psyche. Digital is like a running stream of consciousness while print is like a manifesto of those thoughts–a song versus a voice. When they are utilized as one they become like music in your marketing strategy.

Younger generations are not affected by print. Do you see the ridiculousness in this misconception? I mean, do your kids use coloring books? Do they read storybooks? Do they eat cereal, like out ceareal boxes and stuff? Recently I stumbled upon a company (mysocialbook.com) that will create a book using the content from your Facebook profile. The business is doing well and people are purchasing these books. Perhaps, we should take into consideration that it’s not print that’s not affective to our younger generation, but perhaps, the content we are giving them.

Print is bad for the environment. This is a big topic. There’s hardly enough room in this paragraph to address the issue. With the growing go green movement, there’s a definite controversy here. There is no denying that paper has impact on the environment, but what many people don’t take into account is how well (unlike electronics) we understand paper waste and recycling. In fact, it is because of the paper industry that we have become so conscious of deforestation. Regulations have been set, guidelines have been written. We have ensured that deforestation will never be a problem again in this country. If you need the facts about print, paper and the environment, visit Two Sides North America.

The digital world is invigorating and fun. It’s fast moving and constantly changing, but that doesn’t null-and-void print. It is tradition and history. Print has been a complex piece to the human puzzle for thousands of years and a few misconceptions isn’t going to change that. What do you think?

Jennifer_Grace_PrintMediaCentrJennifer Grace is a proud to be millennial who works as a Sales & Marketing Specialist at The Dingley Press. Dingley specializes in catalog printing and Jen is lucky enough to be stationed in the manufacturing facility where the presses run 24/7.   When it comes to print and catalogs, one thing is for sure, Jen does not lack enthusiasm. To read more of her articles you can check out Dingley’s blog site or connect with her on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.


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