3 Reasons to Celebrate Print This Earth Day


Earth Day 2016 (April 22) is nearly upon us, and maybe I’m crazy, but Earth Day has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. There’s just something about being outdoors, soaking up the sun’s rays while getting dirty, and making the world a slightly more beautiful place – even if those flowers will just disappear in a matter of months.

Many non-print geeks may wonder why someone so excited by Mother Nature is also very passionate about printing. Well, I’ll tell you why:

  • Paper is recyclable. In fact – did you know it can be recycled up to 7 times before the fibers are too weak or short for papermaking? Some 82% of all recovered paper is used in tissues, container boards, and other packaging or board products. (Source: Two Sides North America)
  • Paper decomposes. Many digital activists will complain all day long about how “wasteful” your catalog mailer is. Yet they don’t even think about what happens at the end of their beloved tech’s life cycle. While e-waste may only account for 2% of America’s trash in landfills, it equals an overwhelming 70% of our overall toxic waste. (Source: Org)My response to these print nay-sayers when they attack? “Okay, how about this – I’ll toss my catalog in the yard, you toss your computer/phone next to it, and the first to disappear wins this conversation. And GO!” Can’t say I’ve heard much retort after that, ha!
  • Print and paper actually GROWS trees. Well, when sourced from responsibly managed forests that is. In fact, many companies plant not one but TWO trees for every tree they harvest. I mean after all – do you really think that paper and forest product companies would want to commit suicide by using up all their resources? (Source: Two Sides North America)

How will you celebrate Earth Day 2016?

I hope it will involve sharing the facts about print and paper! Until next time dreamers.

Christine_Alexander_Bioshot Christine Alexander is self-confessed ink-sniffer and an independent marketing consultant for companies within the graphic arts industry. Her specialties include graphic design, content marketing, community building, event planning and strategy development across a wide array of media. With nearly a decade of experience in commercial printing, Christine has held roles in prepress management, marketing direction, print sales, and operations management.

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  1. Celebrate Earth Day today for two reasons.

    First. It is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day.

    Second: it is Eco Friendly Printers 27th anniversary.

    We started at the 20th anniversary of Earth Day.