A23D: A 3D-Printed Letterpress Font … MOVIE!

3D letterpress type

This is a pretty fabulous juxtaposition of future, meeting past, to create present. This short film is billed as “The story of the birth of the worlds first uniquely designed, 3D printed Letterpress font.” While there aren’t any major plot twists, the movie will still deliver typographic nirvana and 3D print wow factor, with a nice bit of letterpress history. It is also a wonderful story about the power of collaboration to achieve one goal, and having the patience to let everyone do their part, in their time.

Thanks to Nigel Cliffe for sending this to me – Enjoy!

A23D: A 3D-Printed Letterpress Font from Adrian Harrison on Vimeo.

A23D film documents making of 3D printed letterpress font

Posted by Rachael Steven

Last week, we published an article on the making of a 3D printed letterpress font, created by A2-Type and London print shop New North Press. A film about the project has now been released online and you can watch it in full below…

The 10-minute short premiered at the V&A on September 13 and was made by Adrian Harrison, who has also produced films on fairground sign writing and lettering artist Joby Carter. As well as documenting the design process, it features a 3D timelapse of letters being printed and a look at New North Press’ impressive collection of wood type and letterpress equipment.

As we reported in our blog post, the font will be used in New North Press’ letterpress workshops and the studio is also selling a series of fluoro specimen posters on its website.