It’s times like these that you have to LOVE the “digitals” and the awesome things they can do – especially around the Holy Grail of Uber-GEEK fandom, Star Wars! This post is from Digital Synopsis, and the site is a great resource for advertising information, inspiration and fun, covering multi-channels. Check it out… but first, it’s LIGHTSABER TIME!!

Time saving tip: make sure you have the Chrome app on your phone before you start, and use it to access the url you are given. Also, listen to them and TURN up the sound on your phone and computer… it’s an immersive and awesome experience!

Turn Your Phone Into A Lightsaber With This Mind-Blowing Google Chrome Experiment

Google, in collaboration with Disney, has come up with an epic Chrome Experiment to promote the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. The company launched Lightsaber Escape, a website that lets you use your smartphone as a lightsaber so you can battle Stormtroopers in your computer’s browser. It’s a cool, engaging experience, even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan. Just follow the three simple steps given below.

1. Visit the Lightsaber Escape website on your desktop and enter the ‘’ URL displayed on the screen into your phone’s browser. Note: A new phone URL is generated every time

Lightsaber Escape Star Wars Print Media Centr

2. Hold your phone vertically with both hands and press initiate
Lightsaber Escape Star Wars Print Media Centr

3. You’re all set. Practice a few swings and may the Force be with you!

Lightsaber Escape Star Wars Print Media CentrBrilliant stuff from Google and Disney. We’ve seen apps and augmented reality games in the past but integrating the technology into a browser makes the experience simple and effortless. The experiment is compatible with multiple browsers, not just Chrome.


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