Once in a great while, the general public is endowed with technology so disruptive that it changes the very nature of how we operate. Gutenberg’s invention of movable type helped spread literacy beyond people of nobility and wealth. Six Apart’s invention of the Movable Type blogging system helped spread Web publishing to those without advanced (programming) skills (what would we do without our daily dose of LOLcats and people shopping at Walmart?). Now, a new concept is expected to “mash-up” the best of the printed word and the virtual world – so much so that analysts expect it to send market forecasts into a double-digit CAGR frenzy. Welcome to the world of AugMented TransPromo.

What is AugMented TransPromo (AMTP), you ask? Well, first of all, it’s not “augmented transpromo”; please capitalize appropriately at all times. AugMented TransPromo is expected to change the way you receive and interact with your bills and statements like never before! Here’s how it works: your biller analyzes hundreds of variables and data points about you and your account, which can include embarrassing purchases, investments, phone calls, and text messages (watch out, Tiger!). Using special two-dimensional barcodes and “augmented white-space management” technology, your customized bill or statement is generated, printed, and sent. Below is a sample of what your document will look like when it comes in the mail:

Continues @http://printceo.com/2010/03/augmented-transpromo-is-the-new-reality

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