Printing (1947)

Printing (1947) Printing occupations, opportunities and technologies before electronics and computers changed the world.

Turn Your Favorite Wiki into a Magazine

MagCloud News | MagCloud. MagCloud and Wikia have teamed up to provide a free widget that will allow fans, aspiring publishers, and writers to publish magazines by Wikia’s 50,000 communities. So whether you are into vintage dress patterns, superhero comics, live...

Are Newspapers Dying?

Are Newspapers Dying? A Look at Whether Newspapers Are Dying. Are newspapers dying? That’s the raging debate in the news biz these days. Many say the ultimate demise of the daily paper is just a matter of time – and not much time at that. The future of journalism is...

PMC Twitter List

If you need to hook into the real-time stream as it relates to the latest in print, then look no further than our Twillist twitter feed. Here, are building a list of the best print related real-time feeds. Please subscribe to the list and recommend and...

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