Opinion: Print Is Dying … Really?

Opinion: Print Is Dying … Really?. At a time when magazines are everyone’s whipping boy, Graydon Carter offers evidence to the contrary It’s become fashionable to proclaim that print is dying, as if a medium that has been around for more than five...

Make your own newspaper

So you want to be a newspaper baron? (Haven’t you heard that print is dead?) If you insist – well, you could do work experience (for nothing) and hopefully get a part-time job at the paper. Then, after a few years, work your way to a staff position, if...

iPad stirs up change

By BoSacks I have spent hours looking for the perfect article that matches or at least parallels my first impression of the iPad. Many are laughing at the name; I say get over it. It really does not matter that people can and have made fun of it. I promise you that...

The Future Of Magazines?

The Future Of Magazines? | Steffan Antonas. I came across this video demo of a digital magazine prototype on Popular Science and was ultra impressed. Hat tip to the developers in Bonnier’s R&D group and BERG Design for their work on this. This year we’ve seen...

Printing (1947)

Printing (1947) Printing occupations, opportunities and technologies before electronics and computers changed the world.


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