The Dawn Of Consumer 3D Printing Has Arrived

At 7.2 inches per side, weighing in at 2.2 lbs, and currently going for $299 USD on Kickstarter, the dream of a 3D printer in your home can now be a reality. The Micro is dubbed the “First Truly Consumer 3D Printer”and after reading the specs I can see why. It’s desktop friendly, can be […]

ASK ROCK: Should I Invest In 3D Printing?

Welcome to ASK ROCK, a monthly advice column where industry expert Rock LaManna will answer your questions on topics such as: key financials for business, and how it can lead to profitable organic growth, M&As, strategic alliances, succession plans, and exit strategies. He will also talk about leadership and present family business case studies. Do you have […]

[Infographic] Latest Graphic Design Facts and Trends for 2014

The good people at iStock asked leading designers around the world for their top trends in 2014. Since we’re almost one month into this dance, I thought this infographic would be a fun refresher for the community. Several of these trends are especially relevant in the printing industry, although I’m not sure about the comparison […]

The First-Ever 3D-Printed Book Cover Has Arrived

Ok, perhaps there IS a commercial use for PRINT and 3D Printers after all! Thanks to Gary Jones from PIA for sharing this in my LinkedIn Group! Check It Out: The First-Ever 3D-Printed Book Cover The limited edition of ‘On Such a Full Sea’ brings publishing into the future (or, rather, one possible future) By Lily Rothman @lilyrothman […]

Would You Like Some 3D Printing With Those Fries?

I just read the strangest post on The Register UK, so of course I am sharing it with you. The title is McDonalds ponders in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys and of course I clicked over because that is just about the best idea for using 3D print “commercially” I’ve heard. However, the article is based […]

Say Hello To My Little 3D Printed TOOTH!

Over Fourth Of July weekend I managed to crack my tooth on a peach pit. For the record, it was a really nice and juicy Georgia peach that didn’t mean any harm. And even though it’s likely to be the most expensive peach I will ever eat, the dark cloud showed it’s silver lining when […]

Get A 3D Printed Storm Trooper With YOUR Face From Disney!

The Happiest Place On Earth is going Evil Empire for the NEXT FOUR WEEKENDS!  And part of The Star Wars D-Tech Me experience this year includes this far out swag!  It pays to have friends in the Galaxy, so thanks to Stephanie Pieruccini from InfoTrends for passing this along to me.  Disney jumps on 3-D […]

3D Printers: What I Thought I Knew, But Know Now

Brian Rothschild has been a connection of mine on LinkedIn for quite a while, and he always has something lively and topical to add to the discussions he participates in throughout the platform. I was totally psyched that I would finally be able to meet him face to face at Graphics of The Americas, and […]

A Whole New Print: Is 3D Printing Coming To Your Local Print Shop?

  By Ben Freund If you haven’t already heard, 3D printing is one of the hottest developing technologies coming to market. One of the biggest questions about it—for readers of PrintMediaCentr, especially—is how 3D printing will impact the traditional print industry. I’ll cover the argument in favor of 3D printing becoming a tool for traditional print […]

3D Printing: How Long Till The Revolution?

This is pretty interesting. The infographic depicts when every American will have a 3D printer in their homes based upon the adoption rate of PC’s. It took 35 years (from 1975 to 2010) before there was 1 PC per person in the US per the data below, and I wont do the spoil alert thing, […]

Dita Von Teese Models 3D Printed Dress

It’s not the first 3D printed dress, but having Dita Von Teese model it might ultimately make it the most famous. I saw an interview with her about it this morning and she said that it was “comfortable” to wear. The dress was printed in sections and then constructed to allow for some movement, but […]