KFC Unveils Edible Coffee Cups!

From Design Taxi KFC is planning to serve their coffee in an edible cup that lets customers enjoy the warm beverage with ambient scents like “Freshly Cut Grass” and “Wild Flowers”. Called ‘Scoff-ee Cup’, the edible coffee cup is made from biscuits wrapped in sugar paper, and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate—both biscuit and […]

Vantablack: The Blackest Black Ever Made!

Ladies and Gentlemen… from the NY Times Nov 2014… VANTABLACK!  Not sure if there are any ink on paper possibilities… but who knows what the future holds. Seems Vantablack would put the 100% K vs CMYK Black debate to rest as far as how to achieve the blackest black! Gazing Into the Void What You Can Do […]

Captain SustainaBill Wants to Help You On International Print Day!

Greetings Citizens of the Printerverse! International Print Day is finally upon us and Wednesday October 8th is going to be an EPIC day of open knowledge sharing through social media around the world! To help get you started, I created the message below for you to download and attach in your email signature and share with your […]

Tips For Shipping Materials To International Markets

by Marc Zazeela Marc Zazeela is a 20-year veteran of international mailing and shipping. He says, “My customers are my friends. They bring issues to me that challenge my imagination and my company’s capabilities. Together, we can discover a unique and creative approach to international logistics.” You can find him on Twitter at @MZazeela or on LinkedIn. So, […]

A Super Idea To Save The Reputation Of Print And Paper

For many years the industry has provided a wealth of research, information and resources to address the perception surrounding the sustainability of print and paper. And while these organizations have done an amazing job educating us and helping us have intelligent conversations on the topic, for the most part we have collectively fallen short reaching […]

A Few Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Paper For Your Printing

At the end of the day, all of the meticulous file creation and prepress preparation we undergo during a project wont matter unless you have factored in BOTH the press, and the paper you are printing on. The presses are a much bigger and technical story, so let’s talk about the paper! Without a doubt, paper is part […]

Sprout: Use a Pencil, Plant a Pencil, Grow a Plant!

I’ve seen seeded paper that you can plant and grow wild flowers, but never a pencil that you can use to write down your favorite recipes, then plant, and use IN your favorite recipes! Just a nice reminder that us “paper users” are part of this sustainable cycle! From YouTube: What if instead of throwing […]

Drinkable Book Provides Filtration Through Its Pages

Although this book is great example of re-thinking print, I don’t want the true subject matter to get lost and please be warned the video shows some pretty horrific potability situations. To learn about WaterisLife and help with their mission visit here. With that being said, it is a magical thing when a book can save lives. […]

Getting Real With The Perception Of Print On #EarthDay

I have said it many times, but for those of you who may not already know, I am a TV Junkie. Many of my blogs, industry presentations and even #printchat topics have been inspired by something I’ve seen on TV, and such is the case with this one. I was catching up on shows I […]

Mohawk Partners With Print Media Centr For 2014!

It’s no secret I love paper, it’s no secret I love the paper people, and it’s no secret I specifically love the paper people over at Mohawk! We met a few years back at Graph Expo after “meeting” through social media, and since then we have carried on a lovely relationship that has spanned from […]

Would You Like Some 3D Printing With Those Fries?

I just read the strangest post on The Register UK, so of course I am sharing it with you. The title is McDonalds ponders in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys and of course I clicked over because that is just about the best idea for using 3D print “commercially” I’ve heard. However, the article is based […]

Paper: The Original Communications Technology

With all the news about marketing technology patent trolls harassing the print industry, it occurred to me that there is at least one technology we use that cannot be litigated…