Are Your Print Company Videos Optimized for Search Engines?

how to optimize videos for optimizing SEO for printing businesses

Video marketing is hot and print shop video marketing is getting even hotter in 2023. In fact, video is the fastest-growing trend in digital marketing. Why? Because video works. Videos have proven to be 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings than other traditional SEO techniques. Live, short-form videos shot and edited from a […]

Social Media For Your Print Business (Part 2 of 2)

a blue image with social and digital media icons in background

Executing an effective social media for your print business is easier said than done. After all, social media marketing can be ambiguous. ROI is hard to measure. “Going viral” is close to impossible. So why even try? Because social media, across its various platforms, is and will always be one potential step in your future […]

2022: A Year in Flux for Marketers

arrows in a spiral shape

What a year in flux and uncertainty 2022 has been. COVID has receded, and life got back to some semblance of normal, but cases are up 50% over the past two weeks. Americans are as divided as ever, and the major political parties still have a winner-take-all attitude. But there are some signs that tracks […]

Digital Marketing for Printers in 2022: A Year To Remember

a blue image showing the digital marketing landscape

For many printers, digital marketing in 2022 was like a rickshaw ride on a rolling cobblestone road. Fast, bumpy, fun, scary, rewarding, painful, interesting, and exhilarating. Things moved fast in the first few months of the year, mostly due to the macroeconomic post-pandemic surge. Consumers and companies were excited about getting “back to normal” as […]

Are You Getting Noticed by Print Customers?

a spotlight to shine on your business to get noticed

Are you getting noticed by your print customers? Do you know how they found you? I recently sat in on a client’s sales call with a prospect. When asked the proverbial “how did you hear about us?” question, the prospect answered, “I don’t know. You guys are everywhere.” Well, they’re not actually everywhere. But they […]

6 Steps to Rebooting Print Business’ Social Media Strategy

print and social media marketing

Does your print business have a social media strategy? Maybe you publish a post everyone once in a while or perhaps you read, like, and comment on the Facebook posts of others. If so, it could be said that “not having a social media strategy” is your strategy. After all, tracking and measuring a positive […]

Why Create an Account-Based Marketing Strategy for Your Major B2B Accounts

blue B2B marketing strategy graphic

Selling print to large enterprise accounts can be a very profitable and scalable strategy. An effective way of landing a major account is a strategy that’s called account-based marketing (ABM). An ABM strategy can help capture major accounts and transform a printing company’s profitability. What is account-based marketing? This marketing strategy requires the use of […]

Increase Search Traffic Using The Pillar Content Model

a grey image with grey pillars

It takes a lot of content about a topic to increase search traffic results. Google takes several factors into account when deciding how high to rank your website for a particular search, including: Overall website quality The amount of content related to the topic The organization of the content on your website For most content, […]

Should You Send Your Print Customers Newsletters? 5 Ways To Know

a red image with question marks in the background

Sending print customers newsletters is an idea that has crossed the mind of every print business owner or marketing manager. “We should start sending out newsletters!” Sounds like a good idea, but is it? Here are three reasons not to send newsletters: Newsletters are expensive. If you are going to mail a printed newsletter, you […]

Video (and More!) Marketing Strategies for Your Print Business (Part 2)

multicolor video color bars

People love video marketing. OK, maybe that’s not true for everyone. People love video! Yes, that is true, especially on the internet. Facts: People spend 88% more time on a website that has video. Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. By including video in your marketing strategy, you can gain more […]

Video Marketing Strategies for Your Print Business (Part 1)

multicolor video color bars

Video is a marketing tool that print business owners should not ignore. Generally speaking, printers just don’t utilize video to its full potential to build their brand and drive new customer demand. Why? Some think video production is difficult, others think it is expensive, and still others think it doesn’t work for their strategy. Those […]

Best Digital Advertising Strategies for Printers to Reach Targeted Print Buyers

targeting buyers with digital marketing

Part 2 of a 2-part series  How can your print business reach print buyers by using digital advertising? There’s no shortage of opportunities to spend your money on advertising, but which options are best for your business? In part 1 of this series, we presented the advantages and disadvantages of pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising. Now […]