Shopping in the Time of Corona: How Print and Tech Give Retail a Lifeline

Most of us are living very different lives than we were a few months ago. Even though the priorities in the grand scheme of things are stopping the spread of the virus, keeping people safe, and caring for those who are sick, it’s OK to miss the little things. Some of mine are: strolling around […]

Personalisation – Theatre or Scale?

theater marquee-Richard Askam

I wanted to pose the following question to brands – do you want the theatre of an in-store pop up that can handle limited volumes of personalised products while the customer waits OR do you want high volume sales that can only come from an online activation nationwide? In the brave new world of the […]

Beacon Technology: The Next Wave of Interactive Marketing is Here

Print Media Centr - Radius - scan beacon

When I decided to write a column on recent use and discussion of QR codes, I knew I wanted to follow it with a piece about fresher technology that is used with similar intent. Beacon technology was the first thing that came to mind. I thought of beacons in part because several people I had […]

ISA's Brandon Hensley On The 2014 Expo, The Future Of Signage, And Mugshots!

Signs are one of those things so engrained in the world that most people don’t stop to think about how they are concepted, created, and installed, let alone there is a pretty significant industry devoted to signage consistently developing education, tools and technologies. I’ve been involved in a few signage projects and let me say […]

British Airways Billboard Interacts With Passing Planes In Picadilly [video]

This is a amazing!  What other products could this technology be used for and where? From YouTube: Courtesy of a little digital magic, the young man in this poster really does know when it’s a British Airways plane. And that really is the actual flight number and where it’s flying in from. Full article here: Kids Point […]

Cross Media Creates World's Largest Shoe Store

Take some scanners and a large digital screen, add a healthy amount of Augmented Reality and mix vigorously with Social Media. When compete, scan QR code, proceed directly to mobile checkout, and enjoy your news shoes the next day. You now have the recipe for buying shoes while waiting for your train.  

Concept Digital Vending Machine With Facial Recognition

A vending machine prototype is being developed by Sanden, Okaya Electronics and Intel. The 65in HD display window attracts your attention with animations, the camera gives you the once-over when you step close, then targets you with ads based on your ‘physical attributes’. via Concept Vending Machine With See-through Display | Adverblog. Related articles The Vending […]

Coca-Cola Transforms Highway Into Outdoor Cinema

Cheers to Ogilvy and Mather, Bogata, for inventing Rush Hour Traffic Jam Cinema!  One way to curb road rage, if the movie was good of course. In Bogota’, Colombia, commuters in average spend 4 hours a day stuck in traffic and so the soda-pop giant had a great idea to take advantage of traffic jams […]

Heineken’s Social Christmas Tree

 Now you can drink your beer and send some holiday cheer to your friends and family and to the world. I tried to use the program but it just kept reloading so I cant share my tree with you now.  If you get it to work please let me know by sharing it with us […]

New Flexible Screen Technology For Displays

The video and concept Tablet are aimed at consumers, but this product also has amazing potential for in-store displays!  The second video shows the screen applied to tangible materials and Im not sure since it’s a concept if they can be made any larger, but if they could – imagine the Trade Show Booth of the […]

Microsoft Office Unveils the Future

Notice a few things? Not one piece of paper (that I caught), the future still has Polar Bears (yay! – well that is an assumption buy why tease a kid), signage is the “key maker” (if you dont know your Matrix references by now you should look into that), and more poignantly, when reflecting upon […]

U.S. Media Biz To Rise To $1.1 Trillion In 2011

The excerpt below is from a post on yesterday which you can read in it’s entirety here.  I pulled this section out as I thought it would be most relevant to our audience, but the article provides some interesting data related to advertising as well. Seems still there is still no great news for newspapers […]