Business Cards, Shoe Leather and Dscoop with Larry Vaughn

Larry Vaughn_Print-Media-Centr

Deborah spoke to Larry Vaughn, Strategic Account Executive at Thomas Printworks and one of the founders of Dscoop, at Edge Orlando in this Podcasts from the Printerverse episode. In this podcast Larry talks about his Dscoop session, which was all about educating attendees on how they can reach beyond their locality to become global printers […]

5 Ways to Help Attract and Keep Women in Print – Starting with You!

Happy Women’s History Month… and more relevant for our purposes here, Women’s Print HERstory Month! #PrintHERstoryMonth is a new initiative driven by Girls Who Print with the sole purpose of sharing stores and giving more visibility to all of the fierce, fabulous females who work in the industry. While the ratio of men and women […]

Dear Men: How to Be a True Ally to a Woman at Work

Being that it is Women’s History Month, and we are celebrating Women’s Print HERstory month all month long at Girls Who Print, it seemed only fitting and timely to write this. At times you may feel that the piece sounds bossy. You may find me aggressive and snarky and just plain mean. You might wish […]

The Rules of Attraction: Compelling the Next Generation of Print Stars

Attracting Next Gen workers _ print media centr

One of the main focal points of Print’18, held 2 weeks ago in Chicago, was THE NEXT GENERATION. Much energy and discussion surrounded what will happen to print when the “old guard” retires. I heard a story of one print shop having 3 CSR’s all retire in the same month, and, there was an edge […]

2018: The Year of ….


The January post in Printerverse-land is usually a “looking toward the future” or a “predictions” type of post.  This year, I am going to stay with the general idea of that theme, but switch it up a little bit. Depending on your age (or state of mind) I want you to pretend that I am […]

For Sales and Career Success Try An Optimists’ Mantra


Scarcity: A noun meaning the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage. Abundance: A noun meaning a very large quantity of something. When it comes to looking at a person’s outlook on life, people are often lumped into one of two categories: optimists or pessimists. You know – the old “glass half full […]

[VIDEO] Obi Wan-a Job: The Workforce Awakens

The workforce awakens printerverse 2016

This panel focuses on helping printers and Graphic Communications programs understand the current/future workforce needs of Alliance companies, the market, and the next 5 years. Panelists: Semper International, PGSF, NAPCO Media, Domtar Blueline,  arifiQ, Avanti Download the panel brochure PDF!

Study Results For U.S. Graphic Communication Industry Diversity Are In

Almost a year ago to the day, the Citizens of The Printerverse were called upon to lend their voices to this important research topic. The study results are in, and Dr. Twyla Cummings has graciously provided an abstract, and a summary of her findings. The following note was attached, pdfs of abstract and summary below. PLEASE share! […]

Is There Diversity in the Graphic Communication Industry?

Ladies and Gents of Print, Citizens of The Printerverse!! Once again it is our distinct honor to be able to help Dr. Twyla Cummings, Senior Associate Dean and Professor, Graduate Executive Board Advisor, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, conduct some industry research. Last time the focus was on a Comparative Study for Women in Graphic Communication, […]